Dad Pranks His Kids By Convincing Them That Doughnuts Grow From Seeds

April Fools’ Day is every gullible person’s worst nightmare. I know from experience, being the incredibly trusting person I am. I simply don’t want to believe that anyone would ever feel the need to lie to me. It’s one of my personal flaws, but it’s taught me to really look out for tricksters on the first day of April!

But, there are also those pranksters whoonly play harmless tricks on their friends and family, and it’s all in good fun. There’s no intended harm or embarrassment at the end; just some good, clean, family fun.

When this dad knew that April Fools’ Day was around the corner, he started plotting for an awesome way to make some memories with his son and daughter. What does he come up with? These two little kids are going to remember this day for a very, very long time.

Dad starts by packaging up some fruity and chocolatey cereal in a plastic bag. He prints up a very official label to finish off the whole look.

Then, on the night beforeApril 1, he hands the package to his son. They go into the backyard to do as the instructions on the package say. The little boy and his sister sleep tight that night, but when they wake up in the morning and head back outside?

This is one of the cutest April Fools’ pranks I’ve ever seen!

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